Welcome to The Cyber Defence Alliance

The CDA is a cyber threat intelligence organisation that provides insights to improve cyber defence and disrupt cyber threat networks.

We are an international nonprofit member organisation headquartered in the United Kingdom.

We support:

  • Our institutional members
  • Their clients and customers
  • The communities they serve and support
  • Cyber security agencies
  • Law Enforcement agencies
  • Intelligence and Security agencies
  • Telecommunication partners

We also work closely with industry experts, trade bodies, counter fraud organisations and cyber security experts to engage against existing and emerging cyber threats.

About Us


The Cyber Defence Alliance (CDA) was established in the UK in 2015 as a not-for-profit organisation by a coalition of four international banks with law enforcement support.

Since our formation, we have grown steadily and are entirely member owned and driven.

The CDA team comprises of permanent CDA staff and member secondees and is headquartered in Canary Wharf, London.

CDA Mission

Our mission is to generate and exchange intelligence and knowledge to:

  • Reduce the impact of cyber attacks
  • Counter the attacks of cyber threat actors and networks
  • Increase the effectiveness of cyber security and cyber resilience efforts
  • Provide timely and accurate insights of new and emerging cyber threats
  • Work collaboratively with Telecommunication partners to identify and reduce threats

This is achieved by sharing resources, expertise and knowledge.

CDA Vision

The CDA provides a trusted environment for financial institutions to work in partnership with governments, law enforcement, intelligence, telecommunication operators and security agencies in the collective effort to fight for a better digital future.

Our work contributes to the online security, protecting the public from cyber threats, including the targeting of the most vulnerable in our society by sophisticated threat networks.

We work closely with regulators, national and regional authorities to respond to the evolution of cyber threats.